Give + Take

A new social good app for neighbors to share resources such as toys, clothes, food, and more. Give +Take fosters a sense of community by connecting people to support each other. Apart from a well-being community aspect, it also promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle.

User Research

Conducted an unmoderated study with five participants. Their diverse needs were reflected in two distinct personas: Lori, a single parent with growing kids, and Steve, who is older and has a medical condition that requires pharmacy pickups.

Designing a way for communities
to help one another

All participants preferred having a map in the app, emphasizing the added value of a visual guide to locate items.  

Offering the ability to hide the map enhances the user viewing experience, making it more customizable.

To improve usability for elderly users, I have added an option to skip adding a photo to posts. This feature recognizes the struggle elders face in finding stored photos on their devices due to memory issues. My goal is to ensure inclusivity for all users.

Hi-Fidelity Prototype

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The social good design project reinforced my passion for UX design, inspiring me to develop a positive app to serve a community and the environment. Inspired by Nextdoor’s concept, I created the Give + Take to unite neighbors in resource-sharing and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. Additionally, Uber’s opening app experience inspired me to add a splash page to the project which came to my attention through the research study.

Next Steps

To ensure Give + Take is user-friendly and inclusive, a follow-up usability study is recommended. A focus on the elder community is needed to reinforce inclusivity for all users and further improve the product.

My Role
Researcher, UI/UX Designer, and conceptor.

User research, interviewing participants, wireframing, competitive research, creating low- and high-fidelity prototypes, conducting usability studies, and iterating designs.

Figma / Adobe Illustrator