A site that provides parents with school details, reviews, tour sign-ups, and travel options—all in one place, without the need to navigate multiple sites.

The Research

Five parents participated in the research survey, and their goals and frustrations were incorporated into the persona creation.

The Challenge

Create a site that offers parents school details, parent reviews, tour sign-ups, and travel options without overwhelming them with excessive data. The sitemap helped simplify the navigation system, while the digital wireframes provided a vision where hovering over a card changes its color. Additionally, the school’s location on the map is highlighted, displaying the distance from the user’s house.

Usability Study Findings

Most participants appreciated the 'Review the school' section, but it took them about 3.16 seconds to find the button. To improve visibility, rounded corners, and contrasting colors were implemented to emphasize its presence on the site.

Additionally, participants wanted to have access to information about the distance to schools from their home. However, this information was missed due to an overload of information on one page. In response, the distance info was repositioned to function as a school search option.

Desktop and mobile variations facilitate easy access for people using various devices, resulting in a responsive site.

Project Summary

The objective was to design a website for finding schools. The research revealed that parents often navigated various sites to find information about a school. The challenge required including as much school data as possible without overcrowding the website’s design. Emphasis was placed on creating a responsive site to enhance the user experience across different devices. Additionally, color contrast was highly considered, ranging from 18.83:1 to 10.96:1, ensuring accessibility for users with diverse visual needs.

Next Steps

Users' feedback indicated a positive response to the wealth of school information provided. However, the next steps involve conducting further usability testing to evaluate the effectiveness of the rating filter and to identify whether rearranging schools by distance poses a significant challenge for users.

UX Researcher/Designer

Conducting interviews, user research, ideation, paper and digital wireframing, lo-fi/hi-fi prototyping, creating a responsive site, conducting usability testing, and iterating designs.

Adobe XD / Adobe Illustrator